Do you really like him or her to be v***** ? Shocking answers revealed by the Indian Men and Women!

Let your friends also watch!

These are the answers,when the Indian Men and Women answered when they want their partner to be a virgin?

This video uploaded by the Y TV Network gives us a clear idea about how our men and women are thinking of their partner. ….

Do Indian Women want a ‘Virgin’ groom ?

Do Indian Men really want a Virgin bride??? 

This makes us think that we are in 21st Century, thinking of a modern living. It totally depends on an individual and only it matters most to oneself.

As always said, Happy Loving and Happy Living.


This was a social experiment done by the Y TV Network team, about how the Modern Indian thinks!!!

Comm’on guys! Thought you too had your own opinion , Just comment below….!!!!



Let your friends also watch!

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