OMG! This new Hip Hop anthem of the North East is taking over the Internet.

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When it comes to Rap and Hip-Hop anthems in India, we hear many about the Punjabi,Tamil,Hindi and Telugu rap songs, but never ever the North-Eastern states were among the top tracks on either social media or internet.

But this song of Hip Hop Homeland North- East is making rounds around the internet and it deserves the real attention of a Hip-Hop and Rap lovers in India. Thanks to Social Media, it made us listen to such a good track from the North-East and making it a big hit.


Karan Johar on North-East Anthem: Hip-Hop anthem


This song features Feyago,Cryptographik Street Poets, Khasi Bloodz, Symphonic Movement, Stunnah Beatz.

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Let your friends also watch!

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